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InfoSec Pathways

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Filling the gaps

What role will you play?

We all have a role to play in closing the InfoSec gap and creating opportunities for others. Help us in our mission of creating pathways for anyone who wants to break into the InfoSec industry or advance their skills. By 2033, demand for advanced IT skills will grow by as much as 90% (4). Our goal is to reduce the common prohibitive factors that prevent people from breaking into the industry; because we all do better when we all do better. 





Filling The Gaps in InfoSec Talent

We know that information security is for everyone and there’s a place for everyone. Our mission is to break down the systemic barriers preventing individuals from breaking into the industry or leveling up their skills. Among our highest priorities for fixing what is broken in the information security industry is to address the severe shortage of qualified practitioners and the underrepresentation of diverse individuals in the industry.


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Our Vision Forward

Infosec Pathways is committed to the goal of providing a path for any individual beginning from zero security, compliance, or technology experience to obtain a substantive career in the security industry within two years of beginning the program. Paths include both technical and non-technical pathways within the security industry coupled with direct mentorship and resources to ensure ongoing career success and progression at no cost to the participant.

Shared Vision

Our Core Values

  • We strive for equity and work toward solutions to eliminate systemic inequalities in the InfoSec Industry.
  • We are passionate and tireless in pursuit of our mission to fix a broken industry.
  • We attract and serve a broad, diverse audience.
  • We seek and sustain meaningful partnerships.
Career Focused

Training Methodology

We create pathways that combine technical, theoretical, and real-world knowledge that will prepare you to build and expand your career in information security.

InfoSec Pathways


Our programs are designed by industry-leading InfoSec experts that combine real-world expertise with industry best practices to create a relevant learning experience. 

InfoSec Pathways

Equity Focused

We work to break down the systemic barriers that have created an underrepresentation of diverse individuals in the industry.


Our programs are designed to create an individualized pathway for anyone looking to break into the industry or expand their skills.

InfoSec Pathways


We provide information security training, career development, resources, and mentorship at little to no cost to individuals. 


See What People Have To Say About Our Programs

We asked former CISSP Mentorship Program attendees to reflect on their experience with the program. 


Closing The Gap

We know that driving greater equity in the industry is just the right thing to do, but it’s also essential to strengthening business. Numbers don’t lie; 70% of job seekers are attracted to work for a company that demonstrates a commitment to diversity and inclusion (2). Help us in our mission to close these gaps and foster opportunities for a more diverse group of InfoSec professionals. 

Only 9% of U.S. Cybersecurity Professionals are Black (1)
Just 29% of U.S. Cybersecurity Professionals are women (1)
Just 4% of U.S. Cybersecurity Professionals are Hispanic (1)
Only 8% of U.S. Cybersecurity Professionals are Asian (1)
Get Involved

Why We Need You

We all have a role to play in closing the InfoSec gap and creating opportunities for others. Want to be involved in the mission? Reach out to us today! 

Aspiring Mentor?

Are you an InfoSec expert that is passionate about mentoring others? Reach out to us today to find our how you can put your skills to work in creating pathways for others. 

Hiring Manager?

Are you looking to attract and hire top talent for your company? Join forces with us to build a community of opportunity and advancement.

Business Leader?

Are you a business leader in the InfoSec industry looking to invest in tomorrow's talent? Join forces with us to spread the mission of filling the gaps. Reach out to find more information about our corporate sponsorships. 

Individual Contributions

Help us sustain our programming with a donation. Your gift will help us sustain the goal of providing educational opportunities for others at little to no cost.

Become a Volunteer

Interested in paying it forward? Are you an InfoSec expert passionate about fixing a broken industry? Help us sustain the mission by volunteering your time and expertise. There are many ways to get involved.

Corporate Sponsorships

Help us prepare the next generation of InfoSec experts. Find out more about opportunities for companies to get involved in expanding the mission.

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